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Marc Miquel, PhD FIPEM

Consultant Clinical Scientist

Marc Miquel originally trained in Physics & Chemistry at the University of Poitiers and UEA Norwich. After a Research Master in water chemistry at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Poitiers, Marc carried out a PhD on non-clinical applications of MRI at the Herschel Smith Laboratory for Medicinal Chemistry, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of the late Prof Laurance D. Hall. He later joined the Division of Imaging Sciences (King's College London) at Guy’s Hospital in 1999, where he worked on cardiovascular imaging application and catheter tracking for interventional MRI under Prof Steve Keevil and Prof Reza Razavi. Marc joined the Barts & the London in 2006, and gained sate registration via route 2 in 2007. His initial work focussed on cancer imaging and in particular the validation and application of diffusion weighing imaging. Current research interests also include real-time imaging, and its application to speech, and better characterisation of Multiple Sclerosis using quantitative MRI. Marc actively collaborates with members of the four Institutes of the Barts Medical School (Queen Mary University of London). Main Interests: Real-time MRI, Quantitative MRI, Diffusion.


Redha Boubertakh, PhD MIPEM

Clinical Scientist, MRI Physics

Redha Boubertakh obtained his degree in electrical engineering (Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering) from the National Polytechnical School of Algiers (Algeria) in 1996 and a Master's degree in Signal Processing and Control, specialising in signal processing, at the University of Paris XI (SUPELEC, Paris). Redha carried out a PhD in signal processing from University Paris XI at INSERM (imaging research group at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital - Paris) where he investigated new reconstruction methods for sparsely acquired MRI data. Redha then joined the Division of Imaging Sciences (King's College London) in 2002 as a Research Fellow where he worked on fast cardiovascular MR imaging, pulse sequence development and image reconstruction techniques. Redha joined St. Bartholomew's and the London Hospitals as a Cardiac MRI Medical in 2008. His research interests are MR image acquisition, pulse sequences and reconstruction methods applied to cardiac applications. Redha is currently involved in several cardiac MRI research studies at the Barts Heart Centre where such techniques (tissue mapping, 3D left atrial scan imaging, real-time cardiac cine imaging) are first applied to research patients. Another field on interest is the fast dynamic speech imaging for the clinical assessment of patients suffering from speech impairments caused by a velopharyngeal insufficiency. He is also interested in cardiac motion analysis using feature tracking techniques to derive and assess both global and regional quantitative myocardial tissue motion parameters. Main Interests: Cardiac MRI, Quantitative Tissue Mapping, Real-time Imaging


Andreia Freitas, MSc

PhD student at QMUL and Research MRI physicist

Andreia Freitas has a BSc and MSc (5-year jointed program) in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics by the University of Lisbon, Portugal. During her undergraduate studies, Andreia developed a keen interest in MR physics as an imaging modality to aid in clinical care. After a 3-month Summer internship in 2011 at the Biomedical Engineering Department (King’s College London) at St. Thomas’ Hospital, Andreia returned to the department in 2013 to work on her MSc research thesis, under the supervision of Prof Tobias Schaeffter. The project consisted on developing a multi-tissue optimization model to improve cardiac-MR images in arrhythmic patients. Andreia is currently a final year PhD student at the William Harvey Research Institute (Queen Mary University of London) and part of the MRI physics team at Barts. Her PhD project consists on investigating non-Cartesian acquisition and reconstruction methodologies to improve real-time MRI in the assessment of velopharyngeal closure during speech. In addition, Andreia is frequently involved in community-focused science communication projects such as her current role as London Ambassador for the Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the UK (PARSUK). Her other interests include books, creating digital content for science communication and cooking.


Matthieu Ruthven, MSc

Research MRI Physicist

Matthieu Ruthven has an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford and a Master’s degree in Clinical Sciences (Medical Physics) from King’s College London. He completed the NHS Scientist Training Programme in September 2016, after training at the Royal Free Hospital, University College Hospital, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Royal London Hospital. He is now a registered Clinical Scientist and works as an MRI Research Physicist at Barts Health NHS Trust. His research involves finding ways to image the velum and vocal tract using MRI. His other interests include art, music, dance and exploring London.

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