Clinical Support

Our group provides Physics support to Barts Health NHS Trust, with a total of ten scanners (seven 1.5T and three 3T systems) across four sites including three dedicated cardiac scanners (two 1.5T and one 3T).

The group uses its advanced knowledge of MRI techniques, pulse programming and image reconstruction to develop and optimise imaging protocols for clinicians and researchers.

We have extensive expertise in site design, scanner procurement and installation. In addition, the group also carries out regular and advanced QA using commercial (MagNET, ACR) and in-house phantoms.


Our group includes two MR Safety Experts (MRSE) that advise on any safety questions, carry out safety surveys and review of all safety documents, regulations and guidelines. We also run regular MRI safety training.

Magnetic Field Measurement

We are happy to take on external contracts including acceptance testing, safety review and setting up QA/QC programmes. For any enquiries please contact: